Mr. C takes on Washington DC

We arrived late last night in Washington DC. Here I am at Union Station. It was crowded and I wasn’t that excited about pulling my suitcase. The ceiling is really pretty.

On the way here, in northern Virginia, I saw this cool red caboose out in the woods. I asked my mom why it was there. She didn’t know…

Virginia was pretty flat compared to West Virginia. And there were some old buildings along the railroad.

Today we will leave Washington DC to head to New England.

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Mr. C is on the Cardinal

I am taking a train trip to see my sister at the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut.  Connecticut is in New England.  My mom and I left the train station very early in the morning.  There was a coal train that went through the station right before we left.  We decided to follow the coal train. img_4185 Our conductor helped me get on the train.  He also took our train ticket. The railroad in WV follows the rivers and is very pretty. We saw the rapids on the New River and the bridge from the bottom of the New River Gorge.  I saw lots of birds.


Have you been to see the New River Gorge?

We will be leaving West Virginia soon. I’ll post more later, it’s time for breakfast now.

Source: Mr C Blog

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Things are getting green in here!

One of our project participants expressed it best this week, “things are getting green in here” and they definitely are.  Over the last few weeks we have planted hundreds of seeds, and watered lots and lots of sprouts, some days more successfully than others!  

We have planted:
Sweet Peas
Sweet Pepper
Yellow Squash
Spanish Cumin
Asian Squash
Spanish Tomatoes – Green and Purple
Bell Pepper – Green
Arugula Salad Greens

We will be offering some of our young plants in variety 6 packs as part of a spring fundraiser. Shoot us an email to set some aside for your tax-free donation.  Our produce will be going into the Farm to School program here in Cabell County and also into the local food system via The Wild Ramp.


Source: Lettuce Grow

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We tweeked our name: Center for Supported Learning.

We have made a small adjustment to our name to better reflect what we are about.

Fundamentally, we want to provide supported learning opportunities for people with developmental disabilities through community activities in the arts, digital literacy, the earth sciences and urban gardening. Through these activities, we hope our project participants will gain knowledge and skills they can use to gain jobs within the community through supported employment. We have developed partnerships with a number of organizations to accomplish this goal.

Our Lettuce Grow Project is in the final stages of preparation for an April start to the 2017 growing season. Our strong collaboration with the Sustainability Department at Marshall University and The Autism Training Center have made this urban gardening experience available to our 10 pilot project team members. We look forward to sharing their experiences learning how to plant, grow and harvest in the Marshall Student Gardens this spring and summer.

We are also excited to announce our student’s participation in The NASA Globe Project. The Globe Project is a worldwide science and education program that teaches students how to collect scientific data and to meaningfully contribute to our understanding of our earth system and the global environment. We are excited to be working on this project with thousands of other students around the globe and look forward to our students learning how the environment, weather, and climate impact our gardening efforts.

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Sunny days brings lots of sprouts!

We have been having unseasonably warm weather in our region. The days have been bright and have allowed us to get an early start on our seeds. We have oodles of sprouts now. 

Even with the long days, seeds need a little extra help with grow lights. Lots of things going on in the greenhouse!


Source: Lettuce Grow

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